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$5 flat rate & same day shipping.
$5 flat rate & same day shipping.

$5 Flat-Rate Shipping On Your Entire Order* & In-Store Pickup Available. And most orders ship out the same business day!

Peruse our eclectic inventory of industrial surplus, electronic components, laboratory equipment and other great DIY and tinkering supply. You are bound find something that you didn't know you couldn't live without!

*Sorry, but freight items and shipping outside the Continental United States do not qualify for $5 flat-rate shipping. Please contact us via email for more details.


A Dozen Really Neat Shipping Warning Stickers The Reuseum Tech Surplus Gift Certificate - Use it On-line of In-Store! Build a Super BristleBot! DIY Kit Flyback High Voltage Transformer - Jacob's Ladder Anyone? Dialight Dialco 28vdc Red LED 3/8" Panel Mount 249-7872-3731-504
A Dozen Really Neat Warning Stickers
Our Price: $4.99
34 in stock!
Build a Super BristleBot! Vibrobot DIY Kit
Our Price: $4.99
12 in stock!
16 x 12 Weatherproof Food Service Sign Dialight Dialco 28vdc Green LED 3/8" Panel Mount 249-7972-3732-504 350 Piece Breadboard Jumper Wire Assortment with Case 12 High -Quality Miniature DC Motor Drive Belts 10 pack alligator jumper clips in assorted colors
16 x 12 Weatherproof Food Service Sign
Our Price: $3.99
50 in stock!
10 pack alligator clips in assorted colors
Our Price: $3.99
12 in stock!
Motor with encoder and brass worm gear.  These are actually 24 volt motors, but they do work nicely in the 12-30V DC. These "sliver" solar cells are bifacial or double sided meaning that they can harvest sunlight from both sides! The two long sides of each sliver are the +Positive and -Negative contacts. 1mm wide by 55mm long by 50 microns thick - world's thinnest!
12-30 VDC Motor, Encoder & Gear Assembly
Our Price: $4.99
11 in stock!


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