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Do-It-Yourself Stir Plate Kit Kontes Chromaflex 20, Fritted Disc Column, O-Ring Joint, Clamp, #2 Stopcock Watlow VDC6-5025 032054500 026030500 Flexible Silicone Heat Sleeve Kit Watlow VDC6-5025 032054500 Flexible Silicone Heat Sleeve 70V / 35W
Medline Sharps Container or Pencil Holder?
Our Price: $3.99
94 in stock!
DIY Stir Plate Kit
Our Price: $19.98
(Out of Stock)
New stainless steel beaker holder.

	Five inch diameter.
	Seven inch handle. Ball Slides, Inc. Air Slide Table 50mm Stroke 6.5" x 3" SMC Dual Rod Pneumatic Slide Table MXS20-50B With Sensors Meridian Instruments Light Control Transformer 6V Variable Varian 56-100068-00 Zinc (Zn) Hollow Cathode Lamp 1.5" (37 mm)
Five Inch Beaker Holder
Our Price: $12.99
8 in stock!
Varian 56-100052-00 Silver (Ag) Hollow Cathode Lamp 1.5" (37 mm) Varian 56-100063-00 Tungsten  (W) Hollow Cathode Lamp 1.5" (37 mm) Varian 56-100053-00 Sodium (Na) Hollow Cathode Lamp 1.5" (37 mm) Dionex IonPac Coulmn CS3 (10-32) 37024 Ion Pac Dionex IonPac Coulmn CG3 (10-32) 37025 Ion Pac
Omega RH70-RP Hygrometer / Thermometer Replacement Probe Signature Differential Transmitter 2408-30B-321-111-101-100 Tekmar 14-2000-60M Power Supply New / Unused! Signature Pressure Transmitter 2408-108-811-110-110 Stainless Steel Straight Through NW50 Vacuum Fitting 2.75"
Xenon Corp Model 457 Micropulser Power Supply 15KV Adjustable Kyoei Electric Co. Thyristor Unit MTPC-40N HNU EC-501A Gas Chromatograph for Parts or Repair Wasco SV120-31Q Vacuum Switch 30HG Pacific Precision 62 PMT Housing
Kyoei Electric Co. Thyristor Unit MTPC-40N
Our Price: $135.94
1 in stock!
Wasco SV120-31Q Vacuum Switch 30HG
Our Price: $49.94
1 in stock!
Nupro Swagelok 6LV-DAFR4-P-C & Diaphragm Valve Mueller Streamline Dehydrated Refrigeration Tube 1/4" O.D. x 0.030" Wall 50' Cole Parmer Master Servodyne Mixing Controller 4445-30 Hollow Cathode Lamp HCL Zinc Neon Zn Ne 62811 Instrumentation Laboratory Hollow Cathode Lamp Copper Neon Cu Ne Instrumentation Laboratory 63041 HCL
Hollow Cathode Lamp Tin Neon Sn Ne  62941 HCL Instrumentation Laboratory Instrumentation Laboratory Magnesium Neon Hollow Cathode Lamp Mg Ne  62968 Instrumentation Laboratory Calcium Neon Hollow Cathode Lamp Ca Ne 62610 Hollow Cathode Lamp Bariaum Neon Ba Ne Instrumentation Laboratory 62834 HCL Instrumentation Laboratory Copper Neon Hollow Cathode Lamp Cu Ne 62603
Instrumentation Labs Lithium-Nitride Neon Hollow Cathode Lamp Li-N Ne 63060 Hollow Cathode Lamp Neon Sodium Ne Na Instrumentation Laboratory 63059 HCL Hollow Cathode Lamp Aluminium Neon Al Ne Instrumentation Labs 62809 HCL Continuous Delivery Valve for Syringe Pump - Harvard 55-3336 Dehydrated Refrigeration Tube 1/4" O.D. x 0.030" Wall 50'
Hollow Cathode Lamp Manganese Neon Mn Ne Instrumentation Laboratory 62936 HCL Hollow Cathode Lamp HCL HPFE H.P.Fe Ne  Instrumentation Laboratory 62837 HCL Hollow Cathode Lamp Cobalt Neon Co Ne Instrumentation Laboratory 62928 HCL Instrumentation Laboratory Tungsten Neon Hollow Cathode Lamp W Ne 62844 Hollow Cathode Lamp Nickel Neon Ni Ne Instrumentation Laboratory 62819 HCL
Hollow Cathode Lamp Molybdenum Neon Mo Ne Instrumentation Laboratory 62937 HCL Hollow Cathode Lamp Magnesium Neon Mg Ne Varian Hollow Cathode Lamp Calcium Neon Ca Ne Varian Hollow Cathode Lamp Bismuth Neon Bi Ne Varian Hollow Cathode Lamp Cerium Neon Ce Ne Varian


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